WisCEL program logo over an image of students studying in classroomThe Center for Teaching, Learning and Mentoring (CTLM) supports UW–Madison faculty and staff in their continuing growth as practitioners of the complex, challenging and dynamic craft of teaching. One way CTLM does this is through its Wisconsin Collaboratory for Enhanced Learning (WisCEL).  WisCEL resources are focused within two active learning classrooms in Helen C. White College Library.  WisCEL priorities are to foster instructional excellence and/or innovation, active learning, and high-quality teaching by providing pedagogical and technical support resources to instructors teaching in WisCEL classrooms.


Fall 2023 at the College Library WisCEL Site

Current Course Schedule (Fall 2023)

Fall 2023 instruction officially starts on Wednesday, September 6. There are several key areas of activity that have happened in preparation for a successful fall semester:

  • Upgraded the audio system including 5 new Shure microphones, receiver, and amplifier.  The new microphones will better support instructors that co-instruct with TAs or guest speakers. The upgrade also allows for an improved set of audio control options within the large 3250 classroom.
  • Meetings with each fall 2023 instructor or instructional team to ensure needs are understood and met, as well as providing the opportunity for those that teach in WisCEL to have confidence in the new instructional technology within the classroom.
  • Onboarding student support staff that are the front line for onsite questions.

Please contact WisCEL with any questions about the fall 2023 semester; opportunities, resources, or collaborations.

Spring 2024

Spring 2024 Instructor Applications

WisCEL closed its Spring 2024 applications for the WisCEL Center in July 2023. Nonetheless, there are a few standard class times remain available. Please contact us if you would like to know more or still be considered for spring 2024 instruction.

WisCEL Fall Semester 2023 Course Schedule

The current schedule for Fall 2023 can be found here. Scroll through weeks or use the Semester toggle along the top far right to switch between rooms to see all of our scheduled courses.

College WisCEL Center

Room 3250 has a built-in audio system that can accommodate the simultaneous use of two 5 microphones and an HDMI audio source. Instructors can choose from two wireless hands-free lavalier mics and three handheld/stick mics. Room 3250 is configured so that audio can be controlled at the individual microphone level and across with three audio zones.

Room 3255 has a built-in audio system that can be used with an HDMI connection. There is not an instructor microphone as the room size doesn’t warrant it.

Room 3251 and Room 3261 each have large monitors that can be connected to personal devices via a provided HDMI cable.

Note: WisCEL provides microphone batteries, and each instructor podium is equipped with HDMI adapters for USB-C, DisplayPort, and mini DisplayPort.

Request Exam Administration Support

WisCEL does work with scheduled instructors to support the environment if you have students taking exams during your standard class period. We also work with WisCEL instructors in meeting the needs of students with exam accomodations such a extended times or smaller size room locations.

CTLM/WisCEL classrooms provide WiFi for student-owned devices, technological consultation, the ability to do some classroom configuration, and classroom traffic management. We can also connect you to resources that can consult on exam security software. Certain classrooms come equipped with large WisCEL-provided laptops for each student. A member of WisCEL may be available onsite during scheduled exams to provide support for unforeseen circumstances.

WisCEL supports types of exams:

  • in-class exams
  • accommodated exams
  • make-up exams

If you are an approved WisCEL instructor with exam requests, please route requests through the WisCEL email. Exams will be scheduled on a space-available, first-come-first serve basis.

Pedagogical Consulting

WisCEL is situated within UW-Madison’s Center for Teaching, Learning and Mentoring (CTLM). At the heart of CTLM’s mission is to support instructors at all career stages in their continuing growth as practitioners of the complex, dynamic, and rewarding craft of teaching. There are a number of ways that CTLM may be able to partner with WisCEL instructors.

CTLM Resources

  • Classroom observations. Work as a partner with you to identify a few instructional goals, then observe in a non-disruptive manner and debrief with you.
  • Activity or assessment design. Teaching in a robust active learning classroom is challenging. CTLM has experts that can help you think through your needs and style in a way that tailors activities or assessments that will help your students meet learning objectives.
  • Develop flipped or blended learning course resources. CTLM has media design and development experts that can work with you to either plan, design, or develop digital assets for students to consume online, freeing up valuable class time for active learning.
  • Be a conversational partner. Higher education is always seeing trends or challenges in teaching and learning. CTLM has team members that are either well-versed or willing to explore possibilities or identify strategies to adapt.

Work through WisCEL where we’ll connect you to CTLM colleagues.

Please email wiscel@wiscel.wisc.edu with any questions.