Learning Spaces: Design Resources

This section outlines construction, furnishing, and technology details related to the design of WisCEL.


Construction the WisCEL Centers began May 2011, and was completed November 2011. The grand opening of College Library and Wendt WisCEL Centers was held during the Spring 2012 semester. Photos of construction at College Library can be found here, and photos of construction at Wendt Commons can be found here.


College Library WisCEL Center Furnishings(PDF – 1840 KB)

Wendt WisCEL Center Furnishings(PDF – 1274 KB)

WisCEL Center Layouts

College Library WisCEL Center Layout

Wendt WisCEL Center Layout

Technology in WisCEL

WisCEL Centers use both hardware and software to enhance collaborative learning opportunities during class time and also to provide students with state-of-the-art study and research facilities.  WisCEL course designs use technology solutions to provide just-in-time support for students when they need it most.

Following is a general overview of the technology used in WisCEL classrooms.  Please contact us if you are interested in more in-depth information about our technical capabilities or if you would like a tour of our facilities.      

Pods: The Active Learning Labs group seats together into pods which encourages peer to peer assistance and group learning.  Most of the pods are connected to a large display so students can easily share information with other students nearby. Each seat has its own computer.

Lectern: Each active learning lab has at least one lectern, which allows an instructor to display images on a projector and/or on the displays near the pods. The instructor can use the provided computer, a personal laptop, or a document camera.

Software:  WisCEL computers are equipped with the standard UW-Madison Infolab open lab suite of programs and applications. SMART Technologies LanSchool software is also used to provide desktop sharing capabilities.

Other: Mobile whiteboards are available in each space, and can be used for group work or to partition off a few tables from the rest of the Active Learning Lab.