Apply to Teach in WisCEL

All WisCEL courses (both new and renewing) must submit an application for College WisCEL Center, Wendt WisCEL Center, or COE Active Learning Classrooms (ALC) each semester. Before you submit your course application, please review all of the information on this page for instructions and classroom features.

New WisCEL course applications: To apply for a new course in WisCEL, or to apply if this is your first time teaching an existing WisCEL course.

Renewing WisCEL course applications: To renew an existing WisCEL course.

Course application review and due dates

      • Fall semester applications due annually- December 1
      • Spring semester applications due annually- July 1

Apply to Teach in Wendt COE ALC (3rd Floor)

Only UW-Madison engineering courses may apply to teach in the COE Active Learning Classrooms. Before you submit your course application, please check the links on the side of this page for instructions and more information about the four COE ALC classrooms on third floor Wendt Commons.

New COE ALC course applicationsTo apply for a new course in COE ALC in Wendt Commons.

Renewing COE ALC course applications: To renew an existing COE ALC course.

College WisCEL Center

The College WisCEL Center consists of two main classrooms, two smaller multi-use rooms, an instructor office and a student lounge area located on the third floor of College Library.

Wendt WisCEL Center

The Wendt WisCEL Center features a large main classroom, one flexible mid-sized classroom, one small classroom, one small multi-use room, and an instructor workroom located on the fourth floor of the Wendt Commons.

WisCEL centers are located in College Library (600 N Park St) and Wendt Commons(215 N Randall Ave).

College Library Hours of Operation

Wendt Commons Hours of Operation

Computerized Testing Options in WisCEL
Quizzes and in-class exams during regularly scheduled course times can be administered at the instructor’s discretion. If you need assistance with computers, technology, software, room setup requests, or test security, please contact WisCEL staff at least one month in advance of your testing date.

Evening exams (e.g., mid-terms) that require computers for students may be scheduled evenings 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm or 7:30 pm – 9:15pm  (Monday -Thursday only) throughout the semester in Wendt WisCEL only. Requests for midterm exams (including exam dates and times) must be submitted before the end of the second week of the semester by emailing WisCEL. Available dates and rooms will be approved and assigned on a first come, first-serve basis.

Final exams that require computers for students may be scheduled during final exam week only. Requests for computerized test administration of final exams in WisCEL must be submitted to WisCEL when you submit your course application. Prior to the semester timetable being released, WisCEL will coordinate with you, your department and college, and the Registrar’s office to confirm exam dates, times, and room assignment. Priority will be given to renewing courses that have previously held final exams in WisCEL. Remaining dates and exam times will be reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Make-up exams and accommodated testing rooms and computers may be reserved for any WisCEL course quiz or exam. Requests for these testing options should be sent to WisCEL no later than two weeks before the exam to ensure we can provide the appropriate room and resources. Requests should include details such as day, time, type of accommodation required, number of students, technology and support needs.

Contact WisCEL staff regarding your computerized testing needs and questions at