Instructional Technology Resources

Instructional Technology Options and Features

Each WisCEL Center provides a range of instructional technology resources for use by instructors and students. Below is a general list of the instructional technology options and brief descriptions of their features. Click the links on the sidebar to view lists of specific technology options for individual rooms at each WisCEL Center.

  • Fixed whiteboards: Large wall mounted whiteboards with markers, erasers and cleaning supplies.
  • Mobile whiteboards: Mobile, multi-purpose, medium-sized whiteboards for instruction and study or for use as room dividers. Each whiteboard is equipped with an eraser, cleaning cloth and markers.
  • Wi-Fi: UW-Madison campus Wi-Fi is accessible throughout entire floor.
  • Mobile tables and chairs: Smaller rooms are equipped with rectangular or circular tables. All tables and chairs have wheels to facilitate flexible use and collaboration.
  • Audio: Ceiling speakers provide full room audio from instructor station computer and/or microphone.
  • Laptop computers: Main rooms are equipped with laptops at each seat (Dell Precision M6800 Mobile Workstation 17-inch laptop with an i5 processor and a dedicated GPU to handle 3D engineering or mathematical computing needs).
  • Monitors:  60” monitors are adjacent to most tables in the main rooms. Each monitor can be connected to display from a laptop at the near-by dedicated table with the provided HDMI or VGA cables.  Students can use monitor displays as a shared computer display for collaboration or monitors can display the instructor’s station output throughout the room.
  • Software access: Windows operating system, web browsers, Microsoft Office and other UW-Madison licensed software packages are available via InfoLabs and CAE.
  • HDMI & VGA & audio inputs: Each room has cable connections for WisCEL laptops, instructor computers, or personal devices to monitors or projectors within the room.
  • Power outlets: Multiple power outlets are accessible in each room for user devices and additional instructional technology needs.

Instructor Stations

  • Desktop computer: WisCEL provides a desktop computer at each instructor station.
  • Smart Technologies interactive display: The display monitor at each instructor station allows the user to “interact with and write over digital content” with a stylus and project to room displays. Content can be saved and stored to a file.
  • Instructor station control panel: Touch controls for control of room AV.
  • Projector: Each of the instructor’s station has projectors (1080p 16:9 aspect ratio) to display to screens and/or monitors throughout the room.
  • Projector Screen: Main rooms have electronically controlled, motorized projection screen.
  • Document camera: Most instructor stations have document cameras to projects documents, objects or handwriting to the projection screens and/or monitors.
  • Microphone: each WisCEL Center has wireless lavaliere microphones that provide hands-free operation and facilitate instructor mobility throughout the room.
  • iPad (Wendt only): An iPad provided by WisCEL gives professors the capability to wirelessly project to the room. (Note: to reserve, please contact WisCEL one week in advance).

Technology Services

Computerized testing: Available at Wendt Commons WisCEL Center only.

WisCEL provides support for computerized testing (e.g., onsite exams administered on individual computers) Other testing services include:

  • Privacy dividers for tables in 410 and 410A
  • Lockdown of computers for testing
  • On-site tech support
  • Quiet floor
  • In-class exams and quizzes
  • Midterms and finals

For more information on computerized testing in WisCEL, visit Computerized testing.

Digital signage and course schedule calendar: Course schedules and room reservations are displayed on monitors at each WisCEL service desk. Signage at each table shows current room and open study availability.

Instructional technology training: Staff meet with first-time instructors in orientation sessions before the beginning of each semester, and with renewing instructors upon request, to go over operation of the room’s instructional technology.

Printing: Black & white printing is available using your WisCard Account. Each WisCEL Center has two laser printers networked to local computers.

Real-time tech support: WisCEL staff are available during normal classroom hours for support if issues arise during your class.

Service desk support: Students at the service desk provide support for room operations, maintenance, technical assistance, and library services during the academic year.