Library Services

WisCEL operates in partnership with the UW-Madison General Library System (GLS), College Library and Wendt Commons. This partnership provides students, instructors and university affiliates access to a wide variety of resources and services, available at both College Library and Wendt Commons.

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Informal learning

  • College Library and Wendt Commons WisCEL Centers can be used for informal individual and group study sessions during all library open hours, when classes are not being conducted.
  • WisCEL laptops, monitors, whiteboards, and rooms are available for student use.
  • Smaller study rooms can be reserved for group study (check each library’s website to make reservations).
  • Students can use their own laptops and mobile devices with the university’s wireless internet.
  • Food and drink are allowed in WisCEL spaces. Both WisCEL Centers are conveniently located near the Memorial Union and Union South.

Teaching and learning resources

  • Customized instruction sessions designed to help students with research projects can be arranged by instructors.
  • Course materials, including books, textbooks, articles, videos and notes can be placed on reserve in print or electronic format.
  • Workshops are available to students and faculty seeking to learn more about citation management systems, geographic information systems, literature reviews, research using primary sources, and other advanced research topics.
  • Library course pages can be created upon instructor request. Course pages support student needs by providing useful links and offering research suggestions.

Technology and equipment

  • The libraries have a wide range of technology available for use in labs and available for loan.  Both College Library and Wendt Commons loan laptop computers, video cameras, and still cameras. College Library’s Design Center offers consultations on digital media projects.
  • The libraries collaborate with the UW-Madison Division of Information Technology (DoIT) to provide access to desktop computer workstations, a wide range of software for coursework, color printing, scanning, and poster printing. Both College Library and Wendt Commons have a variety of computer labs, and access to InfoLab software. In addition, Wendt Commons’ computers provide access to the College of Engineering network and CAE software.