Summer Session 2017

WisCEL classrooms will be located in the Engineering Centers Building (ECB) and Sterling Hall (CLC) for Summer Session 2017. WisCEL will provide summer session courses with the same resources and support (including instructional, technology, and testing support) as we currently do in both WisCEL centers.


We are now accepting applications for courses for Summer Session 2017; please submit your summer session application.

For Summer Session 2017 only, WisCEL will use the following classrooms:

Engineering Centers Building (ECB), 1550 Engineering Drive

  • Tong Auditorium (Capacity 110)
  • M1051 (Capacity 30)

Sterling Hall Collaborative Learning Classrooms (CLC), 475 N Charter Street

  • Rm 2301 (Capacity 48)
  • Rm 2425 (Capacity 36)
  • Rm 3425 (Capacity 36)

Each of these spaces has different technology setups. The classrooms in Engineering Centers Building have a computer per student, while Sterling Hall CLCs have seating arrangements for active learning and students can bring their own laptops. For more information about these classrooms, visit or feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

If you are interested in teaching in one of these classrooms in the upcoming summer session, we will work with you to find a room that satisfies your instructional and technology needs.