WisCEL Centers


Resources and Services

WisCEL centers provide active learning support to more than 5000 students, 250 course and/or discussion sections, and 35 instructors from 32 different departments, each academic year.

Each WisCEL center provides the following resources and services:

  • Implementation support for instructional innovation and active learning
  • Course scheduling and room reservations
  • Instructional technology support
  • Connections to campus instructional design support
  • Instructional learning resources and community
  • Flexible classrooms and furniture
  • Multi-use space for informal and formal learning
  • Ongoing program assessment and evaluation
  • Instructor work space
  • Library facilities, security and support services

Classrooms and multi-use space

Currently, there are two WisCEL centers that together offer eight classroom options for use in active learning instruction.

WisCEL center multi-use spaces serve as both active learning classrooms and as learning commons.  Any time the libraries are open, when a seat is not scheduled for WisCEL courses it may be used by students for group or individual study.

Location and hours of operation

WisCEL centers are located on the third floor of College Library and on the fourth floor of Wendt Commons. WisCEL center hours for formal learning (course sections, office hours, and course-related activities) are typically from 7:45 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. A front desk at each center is staffed by a student during WisCEL hours of operation during academic sessions.