Wendt Commons COE Active Learning Classrooms

The 3rd floor of Wendt Commons has four Active Learning Classrooms (ALC) dedicated for use by College of Engineering courses.

All four of these classrooms on the 3rd floor of Wendt Commons are designed to support active learning: Collaboration, group and team work, problem solving, in-class instructor and student interaction, and instructor-as-coach approaches to teaching.

The four classrooms feature collaborative learning tables for groups of 4, 6 or 8 students; a mid-room instructor station with projection to wall monitors adjacent to each table; and flexible use furniture. All classrooms have power for student-owned laptops, WiFi, and HDMI and VGA cables for projection. To see a layout of the third floor COE ALC, please see COE ALC Classroom Features PDF.

Room Information

  • Classroom 305 (Capacity 48)
  • Classroom 311 (Capacity 132)
  • Classroom 312 (Capacity 88)
  • Classroom 324 (Capacity 120)

Also in the COE Active Learning Classrooms are three study rooms (307, 318, 322).