Sterling Hall Collaborative Learning Classrooms

The Sterling Hall Collaborative Learning Classrooms (CLCs) consist of three mid-sized classrooms located on the second and third floors of Sterling Hall.

Sterling Hall Collaborative Learning Classroom features:

In all three rooms, there is one large flat screen monitor per pod, also equipped with VGA and HDMI pullout cables for connection to a laptop, to be viewed on the pod monitor, on all the other monitors, and/or the ceiling projector. Also featured at each pod is one wired internet pullout cable and multiple table top electrical outlets.

The instructor station in each room is equipped with a document camera, DVD/VCR player, VGA and HDMI pullout laptop cables, and a control system to select various displays but instructors must use their computers.

These rooms features a ceiling-mounted projector, one mounted chalkboard, ten mobile whiteboards, and wireless internet capability to support “bring your own device.”

Room 2301 (Capacity 48).

Room 2301 is equipped with six horseshoe tables each with seating for eight.

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Room 2425 (Capacity 36), Room 3425 (Capacity 36).

Rooms 2425 and 3425 are equipped with six round tables each with seating for six.

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