Wendt Commons WisCEL Center

The Wendt Commons WisCEL Center features a large main classroom, one flexible mid-sized classroom, one small classroom, one small multi-use room, and an instructor workroom located on the fourth floor of the Wendt Commons.

Wendt Commons WisCEL Center Classroom Features:

Room 410 (Capacity 102). Room 410 is equipped with 17 round tables that seat six students and have 17-inch laptops for each student and a dedicated big-screen monitor for each table.  There is an instructor station equipped with instructor computers, Smart computer capability, projection to two main screens and 15 table monitors, a document camera, full room audio, and both fixed and mobile whiteboards.

Room 410A (Capacity 34-36). Room 410A is adjacent to Room 410 and is equipped with mobile furniture, which can be flexibly arranged to support group work and active learning. Room 410A has an instructor station with a Smart computer, projection to a large screen, a document camera; and both fixed and mobile whiteboards.  This classroom can be set-up with 34 networked 17-inch laptops and can be used in conjunction with Room 410 to serve as many as 134 students in a large class. Room 410A can serve up to 36 students when laptops are not in use and it is set up for group work and active learning. The room is equipped with wireless display capability to support “bring your own device” instruction.

WisCEL provides 3 lavaliere microphones and transmitters for use in 410 and 410A. WisCEL has Shure transmitter packs that can be used with our microphones or instructor-provided Shure PGA31 headset microphones that were distributed by certain departments. 410A overhead audio can be attached to the larger 410 space from the 410 podium, but does not have a dedicated microphone due to the small size of the room. All microphone transmitters are battery powered, with replacement batteries available at the service desk. 

Note: Campus-provided personal speaker and microphone setups that do not integrate into the WisCEL AV system are not encouraged for use in the WisCEL spaces. Our overhead speakers will be picked up by the personal microphone and will cause feedback. 

Room 410B (Capacity 20). Room 410B is adjacent to Room 410 and has moveable furniture including five round tables and 20 chairs. The room is equipped with a projector and large automatic screen, but instructors and must use their computers. The room is equipped with wireless capability to support “bring your own device.” There are fixed and mobile whiteboards.

Room 410D (Capacity 15). Room 410D is available to reserve for course-related activities such as office hours, alternative testing, make-up exams, study groups and student presentations.

Room 410C Instructor Workroom. Room 410C can be reserved by current semester WisCEL instructors to use for course preparation, materials organization, storage and individual meetings with students.

Open Student Lounge 410 (Capacity 9). The Open Study Lounge is available for open study during all library operational hours, except when exams are scheduled in Room 410.